Hotel des 3 Vallées : Spa in Courchevel - Hôtel des 3 Vallées

  • Spa Val Thorens
  • Spa Val Thorens
  • Spa Val Thorens

Traditional wooden spa

With its Turkish bath, sauna, Jacuzzi and Filorga brand treatments, the spa is the perfect place for skiers to enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation. The spa is reserved for hotel guests to ensure they fully benefit from the relaxing properties of water and heat.

Grand Jacuzzi

Hydrotherapy is essential to help the body recover and relax. Measuring 4 by 3 metres, the large Jacuzzi at Hôtel des 3 Vallées is a prized après-ski spot. Open to all guests without appointment from 10am to 8pm.


The sauna

The sauna is a must at Hôtel des 3 Vallées. The ultimate in relaxation, it is heartily recommended after a day on the slopes. A perfect way to reduce fatigue, flush out toxins and soothe muscle tension, it also promotes healthy circulation and good skin tone. Open to all guests without appointment from 10am to 8pm.

Turkish bath

The 50° steam bath is ideal for skiers who want to pamper and gently detox their body. Preferred to the sauna by some, its moist heat provides the ideal close to a day on the slopes and the perfect preparation for a spa treatment. Open to all guests without appointment from 10am to 8pm.

  • Massage Val Thorens

The spa

Between mineral and plant the Spa of 3 Valleys welcomes you for a regenerating and relaxing experience. The Spa of 3 valleys designed its care around the plant universe expressed in diverse essential oil which one are concentrated  by pure plants. 

According to the needs for your massage, we use special, well-balanced, effective formulae in the natural scents.

The aromatherapy is the art to use the aromatic compounds extracted from plants, essential oils, for global harmonization. The compound selected for the Spa of 3 valleys act in synergy with the massages. 

The treatment menu invites you in a journey to find your harmony, muscular relaxation, sports vitality, radiant skin.


All our treatments are custom-made. Our beautician, after a skin diagnosis and by taking into account your needs, will adapt products and technics to realize the treatment which suits you best. 

Radiant light

25 min - 69€

This treatment erases the signs of fatigue and will illuminate your complexion and relax your lines.

Ideal hydration

55 min - 119€ 

This moisturizer treatment fights against the drought due to the wind, to the cold and to the sun. Your skin finds fexibility and softness. 

Spotless purity

55 min - 119€

Skin cleansing treatment which eliminates pollution signs, rebalances the sebaceous secretions and reveals the clarity of the skin.

Beyond the time

55 min - 119€

Manual anti-ageing treatment. Reduction of wrinkles and firmness of the skin. Profoundly relaxing as wrinkles are often situated on the route of tensions.

Harmony time

80 min  - 180€

Manual anti-ageing treatment associated to the machine that stimulates the cellular, skin and muscles regeneration. A real treatment. 


The harmony of sportsman 

25 min - 69€ ou 55 min - 119€ ou 80 min  - 180€ 

To remove your muscular tensions and find your vitality thanks to essential oil of wintergreen and cypress which will stimulate the blood circulation and to relieve muscle pains.

Sensoriy journey

15 min – 20€ la zone

As a supplement to a massage, the application of a sparkling  and heating mud on a specifc zone more particularly tense, we invite you in a sensory and mineral journey for an in-depth relaxation.

Travel relaxing 

25 min - 69€ ou 55 min - 119€ ou 80 min  - 180€ 

Massages anti-stress, to relax its spirit while relaxing its body thanks to essential oil of lavender, orange and ylang ylang known for their soothing properties and their actions against the stress. 

Ayurvedic stopover

25 min - 69€ ou 55 min - 119€ ou 80 min  - 180€ 

Massage inspired by the relaxing and revitalizing Indian tradition which harmonizes the body and the spirit. Te use of rosemary, lime and of mint to fght against the fatigue and rebalance the vital energies is going to increase the actions of the massage.

Head in the stars

25 min - 69€ ou 55 min - 119€

This very soothing care eliminates your muscular tensions  and invites you to drop your head. We use for it essential oil  of eucalyptus, fir-tree and ravintsara to stimulate your respiratory system and protect you during the winter. 


25 min - 69€ ou 55 min - 119€

The feet refexology arises from the Chinese traditional medicine.The principle is that the whole body is refected on feet in the form of zones or of refexes points. Global relaxation. Light feet. And vitality to give! To try immediately! 

Body scrub

25 min – 60€ 

Care «soft skin». With an adapted product to your skin, it will eliminate the dead cells. A shower will end the care.  To receive before a massage or an body wrap. 

Body wrap

25 min – 60€ 

A rich and moisturizing balm will be applied to your body,  then a sheet of envelope will allow the penetration of the assets of the product.Ten … Rest. 

Body scrub & wrap

50 min – 100€


Spa access with 1h treatment


Lips or eyebrow - 15€

Armpit or bikini line - 20€

Half legs - 25€


Full bikini - 35€

Full legs - 40€

Additional peeling strips - 10€



Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am to 12pm and from 3pm to 8pm. Sunday, Tuesday, Tursday from 3pm  to 8pm. Closed on Saturdays.

Policy of cancellation:

Every cancellation of appointments owe to be carry out 24 hours before your treatment, or 100% of the price will  be charged. 


To avoid any inconvenience, we invite our guests to come 10 minutes before  the treatment

Swimsuit is compulsory.  

Steamroom and sauna access is not allowed to children under 16 years old.